Rosa M. Badia, HiPEAC Autumn Computing Systems week in Barcelona Nov 2-4 2011

Rosa M. Badia presented "Dataflow programming models and OmpSs" at the HiPEAC Computing System Week, Session on "Languages and Tools for Heterogeneous and GPU-based multicores", a inter-cluster workshop organised by the HiPEAC programming models and operating systems, compilation, and binary translation and virtualization cluster and applications task force.

TERAFLUX @ ODES-9 - 9th Workshop on Optimizations for DSP and Embedded Systems

TERAFLUX will be represented at the Workshop on Optimizations for DSP and Embedded Systems (ODES-9) in conjunction with IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO), April 2, 2011, Chamonix, France. Roberto Giorgi (co-ordinator) will present the invited talk: - TERAFLUX: Ideas for the Future Many-Cores


TERAFLUX has been represented at CASTNESS'11, a dissemination event jointly organized by the 4 Fet Tera Device Computing projects:
- EURETILE project: EUropean REference TIled Architecture experiment
- TERAFLUX project: Exploiting Dataflow Parallelism in Teradevice Computing
- TRAMS project: Terascale Reliable Adaptive Memory Systems Project
- S(o)OS project: Resource-independent execution support on tera-scale systems

CASTNESS'11 presentations are available here.

TERAFLUX @ “HiPEAC Computing Systems Week 2010”

TERAFLUX has been represented at the “HiPEAC Computing Systems Week 2010", Barcelona, October 19-22, 2010: - The HiPEAC Cluster Meetings (October 19th and 20th); - The 2010 Barcelona Multicore Workshop (October 21st and october 22nd). The goal was to cross-fertilize ideas across the HW and SW communities and discuss the cutting edge in research and products.

TERAFLUX @ All Hands Meeting 2010

TERAFLUX will be represented at the Workshop / mini-symposium on trends, issues and challenges in future high-end computing. In the context of the All-Hands-Meeting 2010, Cardiff, UK, 13-16 September 2010.
The meeting provides a forum in which information on e-Science projects from all disciplines can be communicated and where the capabilities being developed within projects can be demonstrated.
More information on AHM2010 can be found here.

Registration for AHM 2010 is now open.
A late fee of £50 will apply from 16 August and registration closes on 23 August. Please see the registration page for further details.


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