TERAFLUX: integrating multicore research and the COTSon simulation platform Roberto Giorgi( University of Siena) and Paolo Faraboschi (Exascale Computing Lab, HP labs)

TERAFLUX project effort to integrate multicore research and the COTSon will be present at Second International Forum on Next-Generation Multicore/Manycore Technologies IFMT’10 which will be held on Saturday June 19th, 2010, in Saint-Malo, France.

TERAFLUX project supports COTSon Open Source relesase

Paolo Faraboschi (HP Labs) is pleased to announce the Open Source release of the COTSon simulation infrastructure.

COTSon is a full system simulation infrastructure developed by HP Labs to model complete computing systems ranging from multicore nodes up to scale-out clusters with complete network simulation. It is a pluggable architecture, in which end users can develop their own modules, thus providing a very flexible simulation platform for a wide variety of modeling needs. COTSon works with AMD's SimNow as the functional emulator, which provides full support for x86 and x86_64 platforms.

KickOff Meeting

The KickOff meeting has been at Pisa, on January 27th and 28th 2010

Twenty eight people attended the meeting. The representative person of each partner gave an overview of the institution and of the scientific contribution that they will make during the project. Afterwards, in-depth technical discussion abou the project objectives and best ways to achieve them took place.


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