TERAFLUX and cooperation with INDIA

Dr. Albert Cohen, leading the Compilation Toolchain efforts in the TERAFLUX project has presented "TERAFLUX: Computer Architecture and Software Platform for Teradevice Computing" at the HiPEAC event in Goteborg, Sweden on 24th April 2012.

The talk has been part of the EUINCOOP initiative, a EU project to support collaboration across Europe and India.

The TERAFLUX project already includes partners from EU and Israel and have been recently extended to the US partner "University of Delaware" in the context of the FET funded in order to increase and accelerate the impact of FET research projects by cooperating with non-EU partners of excellent global standing. It targets the extension of ongoing FET projects with complementary research activities in which collaboration with non-EU research partners brings significant added value.

The TERAFLUX project is always seeking for international cooperation on the DATAFLOW research applied to Many-Core systems (including 1000+ cores).

The talk slides are available here

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