TERAFLUX extended to March 31st 2014

The TERAFLUX project had been officially extended to run until March 31st 2014, for a greater impact of the Research results! Prof. Roberto Giorgi (project coordinator).

TERAFLUX: Exploiting Dataflow Parallelism in Teradevice Computing

       "Transformation Hierarchy"

What is TERAFLUX about?

  • Multi-cores and Many-cores
  • Multithreaded Execution
  • Programming Models
  • Reliability


Brief Introduction to TERAFLUX

Future Teradevice systems will expose a large amount of parallelism (1000+ cores) that cannot be exploited efficiently by current applications and programming models. The aim of this project is to propose a complete solution that is able to harness the large-scale parallelism in an efficient way. The main objectives of the project are the programming model, compiler analysis, and a scalable, reliable, architecture based mostly on commodity components. Data-flow principles are exploited at all levels as to overcome the current limitations.

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